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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Solar Panels Installed at their Homes - 180 Solar & Electric
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Solar energy is derived from the sun’s rays and can be turned into either electricity or heat. It is inexpensive, and due to technological advancements, we can now utilize even more of the solar energy that is often left unused. When using solar power panels, you no longer have to rely on utility companies that charge hefty bills for consuming little energy. Apart from lower electricity costs, here are four more reasons why every homeowner should install solar panels at their properties.

1.    It’s good for the environment:

When compared to alternative sources, solar energy has the least detrimental influence on the environment. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases and doesn’t contaminate the environment. It also requires extremely little water for service, as opposed to nuclear power facilities, which require 20 times the amount of water. Solar energy production produces no sound, which is a significant benefit given that many solar installations, such as household solar panels, are located in metropolitan areas.

2.    Less Energy Loss Due to Short Distance:

During transit and transmission, about 3-5% of the energy is lost. The greater the distance between the sources of production and supply, the more energy is wasted. These losses may not appear to be considerable, but they might impact the installation’s efficiency in densely populated areas. Having solar panels on top of your roofs or in the yard greatly minimizes this distance, enhancing the effectiveness of solar panels.

3.    Enhanced Grid Security:

If there are multiple power units spread out over the grid, it is less prone to blackouts. A system with a maximum thermal penetration has hundreds of power generation centers that are widely dispersed. This increases grid security in the event of overload, natural disasters, or human-caused calamities.

4.    Less Stress during peak hours:

On hot, bright days, peak hours of electricity consumption (from air conditioning, fans, etc.) usually occur midday. This is also a good time for solar energy production. Solar power’s supply to the grid during peak demand periods is essential. Reducing consumption on the grid by adding green solar energy can help lessen the chance of blackouts and power outages when temperature increases. Reduced demand on the system equals cheaper energy expenditures during peak hours, and more solar energy production during peak times equals lower stress on the system.

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